Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day 7 - 2/10/2013

Today we finally completed our vertical wind turbine. All we have left to do is mount it onto the pole and complete our PowerPoint presentation. We made the bottom and top supports for the rotor and hub. Once again it involved a lot of machining. Due to freestyling most of our design, we had to do a lot of moving and screwing/unscrewing to get things perfect. Once everything was in place and welded we carried it out to be mounted but it was late in the day and we decided to just wrap it up and return next Monday 7th October.

Final stages of the wind turbine

Bottom support of the turbine.

Bottom support: Plate that connects support to the frame.

Cleaning the stator which was covered in metal shavings.

Daryl tidied up the magnets on the hub which also were covered in shavings.

Damon removing the lip from the stator so it fitted snugly onto the plate.

Kieran and Gary working together to fasten the plate to the frame.

Bolting the start on.

Close up view.

Peter (tutor) machining down the top support for us.

Peter is a great guy.

Kieran grinding some box steel into shape to be the middle arm/support to fit onto the pipe nicely.

Hub on the stator and starting to take shape.

Cutting the middle arm/support to size.

Final welds on the turbine before we are finished.

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