Sunday, 15 September 2013

Day 1 - 16/09/2013

Today was full of it's successes and mishaps. We got the photovoltaic cells churning out 24V and the Grid Tied Inverter and 150VDC Battery bank connected and running. However, during the process of pack up, Jeorge managed to short circuit the load cables, blowing part of the Solar Charge Controller which was a huge mistake. Apart from this blunder, the day went smooth and relatively fast. We can not wait to have everything up and running to feed the classroom. 

Safety Hazard Worksheet to sign onto.

Mounting The G.T.I. to the wall.

Unscrewing the front panel to take off the cover.

The back of the touch panel.

The back of the front panel.

Connected Grid Tied Inverter to the switchboard via conduit thanks to Tutor Andrew Massie.

Grid Tied Inverter and 150VDC Battery Bank(Mounted via Gary and Alex) mounted on wall.

Photovoltaic Cells 

2 12V batteries connected in series making 24V.

Solar Charge Controller giving us our readings.

Photovoltaic cells looking great.

Test run of feeding the grid with the grid


Battery bank has not been switched on yet.

150VDC Battery bank.

Success! Feeding the grid with the grid.

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