Monday, 16 September 2013

Day 2 - 17/09/2013

We started the day by fixing up the hinges on the photovoltaic cell containers as the wood split on it whilst we were putting away the panels yesterday. This was quite time consuming because we were limited on working space as the wooden framing was in the way. During the time we were doing that, Darryl was drilling a hole through to the classroom and fitting some conduit for us to run the cables from the solar panels (outside) to the 24V Bus (inside). To begin we were using 1.5mm² 2C TPS as the solar panels are only 240W at 24V so they would draw no more than 11V (P=VI) and 1.5mm² is rated to 17Amps. However, we didn't put into considering the volt drop and switched it over to 2.5mm² 2C+E TPS. EMF were unable to handle their work load and gave us permission to set up the 2KW inverter and 24VDC Bus. We test run the Grid Tied Inverter from the 24V bus but the batteries were too discharged to show us any positive results so we must wait till we get back the broken Solar Charge Controller so we are able to charge the batteries.
Replacing hinges

Unscrewing the hinges to be moved to.

Repaired enclosed photovoltaic cells. 

Photovoltaic Cells conduit


Neatly mounted conduit for photovoltaic cells running from outside to inside.

The connection between the conduit and classroom.

Kieran pulling TPS through the conduit out into the terminal block. 

Conduit coming from outside into classroom.

Neat and tiny conduit going from photovoltaics to the 24V Bus.

Final part of conduit going to the 24V Bus.

Doing EMF's dirty work

Reworked 24V bus and used a 16mm² Single core link between the batteries as the 1.5mm² link was not handling the current well and the cable got very warm.

We wall mounted the 2KW inverter as it was the aesthetically pleasing option. 

Test running the G.T.I. on 24V Batteries

The agonising minute wait for the G.T.I. to start.

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