Monday, 30 September 2013

Day 5 - 30/09/2013

With today being the first day of the holidays we got a lovely extra hour sleep in. We began by dividing the 40 gallon drum into 3 segments. This was a challenging task as we were mainly guessing where the center was based on the 3 even points we marked out. We drew a triangle between all 3 points and then measured the length of the lines. They ended up being 500mm. So we marked 250mm on each line and drew a line from each corner of the triangle to the opposing middle mark. After all of the sides were marked we each cut a segment with a cutting disc as only Gary, Darryl and I were present today. After that we smoothed off the cuts with a finishing disc. Then we faced the problem of how we would hold the barrels together. Damon suggested we bolt them close together so we went with that design only to face the problem of mounting the stator onto the barrels. So we grinded off the welds and will start rewelding the segments onto arms that will connect to the casing. 

Building the turbine

Gary using the finishing disc. 

Preparing the segments for welding.

Darryl grinding off the welds. 

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